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Location Based Apps on a Whole New Level

Beacons & InternetOfThings (IoT)
  • Connecting people, places and things
  • Cloud applications
  • Outstanding usability
  • Premium features with supported browser
  • Superior privacy and security
  • Location proximity automation
Nearby condition triggers
  • Automating events and interactions
  • Indoor mobile situational proximity
  • Beacon2Mobile (B2M) Apps
  • Mobile2Mobile Beacon (M2MB) Apps
  • Beacon & IoT planning/architectures
  • Categorized API's
Beacon to Mobile

Involve Big Brother only when you think it makes sense. Interactions are local and private unless you choose otherwise.

Privacy Matters

tuxWhere is based on the original beacon technologies of Location Based eXchanges (LBX). tuxWhere had Linux kernel mobile beginnings before mainstream mobile. LBX is a (r)evolution of Location Based Services (LBS) and comprises a superset forest of beacon framework solutions including prioritized or closest beacon content presentation, proximity based user interfaces and alerts, beacon based mobile device usability, and application synergies with LBS. Mobile users interact with beacons and other mobile users in their vicinity. Explicit location information may or may not be involved. We look forward to helping you surf the LBX wave!

Beacon Boom
Mobile to Mobile Beacon

Xmissions are compressed and encrypted while concealing identities for the utmost privacy and security between mobile users.

Security Matters


LBX Patterns for a beacon world
Beacon Proximity Applications


LBX Patterns for a peer beacon world
Peer Proximity Applications
Beacons solve the maze Navigate major city
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